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Revolutionary concrete batch plants and continuous mixing machines for the concrete industry and beyond.

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Rugged, scalable, and innovative equipment for ready mix, continuous concrete batching and other mixing industries. Whether the need is a small scale batch plant or a large scale equipment solution, Peak Innovations has the machinery for the job. Our solutions have launched companies, changed technologies, and re-imagined what’s possible.

Beyond Batching

Peak's innovative technology builds versatile concrete batch plants that allow for ready mix or continuous mixing operations. Our innovative blending technology from the CCM means that you can batch or continuous mix from the same machine.

While still exceeding ASTM specifications for both BATCHING and CONTINUOUS MIXING, Peak Innovations equipment revolutionizes the utility of its plants while offering a significant cost-advantage; to get the same capabilities already built into the Peak Maxim, you would need up to three different machines.

Peak Maxim offers a central mixer, traditional batch plant system, plus a pug mill in ONE plant, providing extreme efficiency without compromising versatility.

Cumpulsory Continuous Mixer

Batching and Mixing from the SAME machine.

How does our superior mixing technology work? Our Adaptive Delivery System uses software integration with our batch plants to deliver product by weight and rate—allowing for second to second control and both batching and continuous mixing FROM THE SAME MACHINE.

Pugmill and Batch Plant in One Machine

Adaptive Batching: Delivery by weight and rate.

Our adaptive batching technology monitors real-world flow of actual material output and adapts to ensure consistent material goes into the mix—every second, every yard. Get the most out of your concrete mix design with our Adaptive Delivery System.

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