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Peak, Innovations, Inc., a Colorado-based company, is a heavy equipment manufacturer of semi-custom machinery for the concrete, aggregate, and oil and gas industries. The company was formed in 2005 when Mark and Drew Nelson opened a manufacturing company in Loveland, Colorado.

Providing Flexibility and Growth Through Modular and Portable Equipment

As its first product, Peak Innovations launched a portable concrete batch plant that provided customers the convenience and savings of onsite concrete production. As this market grew, Peak Innovations extended their product line to include both larger and smaller batch plants and auxiliary equipment. With its production of modular, plug and play equipment and computer systems—all from one manufacturer—Peak Innovations has garnered a reputation for innovation and reliability as a design-build equipment manufacturer.

Realizing Design-Build Solutions for Heavy Equipment

A variety of industries have sought Peak Innovations’ expertise in precision blending and batching and its fast track equipment development—from ready-mix operations to multi-million dollar plants meeting highly specified application requirements for various industries including oil and gas.

Why Peak?

Peak Innovations began as a family owned and run company, with over 4 generations of innovation and leadership in business. Today, Peak is still led by Mark Nelson as President and CEO, and Drew Nelson as Executive Vice President.

Mark’s extensive construction industry experience managing various-sized construction projects up to $300 million and his trusted leadership expertise have uniquely prepared Mark to act as the President and CEO of Peak Innovations. His experience in the electrical construction industry also provides expertise in production management and the electrical background required for the control systems of the batch plants produced by Peak Innovations.

Drew is the Executive Vice President and leads the Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance functions of Peak Innovations. He has also worked as Fabrication Manager and Purchasing Manager, giving him a broad knowledge base to guide business decisions.

From projects in Northern Colorado, to customers with systems in use from Canada to Mexico to Iraq, Peak Innovations provides regional, national, and global equipment solutions. Peak Innovations’ plants have been used in applications from turn-key plants, to high spec remote-operated systems.

Multi-Million Dollar Water Treatment Project

A large construction agency near Denver used Peak Innovations’ plant for a 200 million dollar water treatment project in Denver, Colorado.

Continuous Mixing Plant for Oil and Gas Industry Application

When an Oil and Gas industry-leading company reached out to Peak Innovations to work with their global research and development team, Peak Innovations designed and manufactured a new, multi-million dollar continuous mixing plant for highly specified applications.

Other blending technology applications

Peak Innovations blending technology is in use on oil and gas rigs in Northern Colorado and beyond for drill cuttings remediation. This Contamination Disposal Unit (CDU), used by the Symmetry Solution, is changing the accessibility and effectiveness of onsite bioremediation.

With a network of dealers from Texas to California to the East Coast, we can put you in contact with hardworking and informed sales teams wherever you are. Contact our corporate office to find out where you can purchase Peak Innovations' machinery.

Peak Plant Lines


Peak Max

60-120 cu yd/hr

Peak Maxim

150 cu yd/hr or 300 tons/hr

Peak Magnum

250 cu yd/hr


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